Sell on 2GUD

After closing down, the India operations of the e-commerce website which it acquired last year, Flipkart launched its new website to sell only refurbished products. Named 2GUD, the portal is like any other e-commerce site selling electronic items but has only certified refurbished products at cheap prices for value buyers. now Third-party sellers can also sell on 2GUD.

At present, the refurbished store is selling mobile phones, laptops, smart watches, tablets and streaming devices. In the coming days, Walmart-owned Flipkart will launch speakers, power banks, smart assistants, hair dyer, hair straightener, TV sets and other 400 product categories.

According to the new e-commerce portal, 2GUD sells only unused and returned products or used products which are restored to full functionality by professionals. Each product is certified and graded by experts at F1 Info Solutions and Services or other partners of Flipkart. All products are certified to be fully functional.

You will find products divided into 5 grades of refurbishing:
  1. Unboxed like new: Unused with zero scratches. 12-month warranty.
  2. Refurbished superb: Minimally used with negligible scratches.
  3. Refurbished very good: Moderately used with minimal scratches.
  4. Refurbished good: Extensively used with visible scratches.
  5. Refurbished okay: Heavily used with significant scratches.


How to Become an Flipkart seller

Selling online on 2GUD is an easy and effective way to reach Billions of potential buyers. Whether you have small business or big business, This platform provides you the required tools and services to sell online successfully. Follow the steps below to know how to sell on 2GUD.

Step 1: Business Registration

If you want to explore the e-commerce World and market your unique products through the same then the initial step will be to get your business legally registered.

Step 2: Open a Bank Account

Once business registration is done with the next important step is to open a current bank account in the name of the business.

Step 3: GST Registration

In order to sell through e-commerce portal registration under Goods and Service Tax is a mandatory requirement. The GST Number of your business is to be submitted with 2GUD. (Don’t have GST? We help you to get GST Number for your business.)

Step 4: 2GUD seller registration

When you have met with all the minimum requirements you can apply for Amazon seller registration on For this purpose you are required to provide all the above mentioned information and contact details which are verified through One Time Password (OTP).

Step 5: List your Products

Once all the above formalities are met, you can create your dashboard and lit out all the products you are willing to sell under their product categories. (If you need support with product photographyproduct cataloging or anything related 2GUD product listing, you can always hire us.)

Step 6: Start Selling

Now you can start selling. As and when you receive any order confirmation pack the respective product for shipping and mark it ‘Ready for Dispatch’. After that executives of 2GUD will collect it from you deliver it to the customer.

Step 7: Payment Done

Once the order is successfully delivered the e-commerce site will settle your order within 10 to 15 days.

If you wish to sell your products on 2GUD, we are always ready to help you. For Assistance, Contact Us.