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Why to sell local when whole world want to purchase your product

As a fully integrates ecommerce service provider we handle your ecommerce work. Take advantage of every opportunity to increase your online sales.

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We are the dedicated channel sales partner, assisting the manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer’s to bring there business online in International Market.

Product Cataloging

Our end-to-end product cataloguing service includes keyword-oriented product description, image bulk link generation, details uploading on Marketplaces.

Website Development

A benefit of a website provides another avenue for customers to find your company. Having a website shows professionalism and an easy way to engage with clients. ​

Ecommerce Service

Our eCommerce services will enable to sell your products International & Domestic eCommerce Marketplaces like, Lazanda, eBay, Etsy, Bonanza, etc.

Product Photography

Searching for cost-effective and extraordinary product photography? At that point, you have come to the perfect spot to guarantee that your items look great as well as sell well. Welcome to Navrangi eCommerce Service Provider, the organization that isn’t just the approved merchant for the greatest eCommerce portal like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Limeroad, Paytm, etc but at the same time is trusted by more than 1000 clients till date. So get your Product photographed from best experts in the business.

Growth of eCommerce Worldwide

The report presents statistics and trends about eCommerce since 2015 and also gives estimates of the future of eCommerce up to 2021. Cumulative data over the most-recently tracked period anticipates a 276.9% increase in eCommerce sales globally.

  • E-commerce has become mainstream in people’s daily lives with profound benefits.
  • As of now, about 22% of the world shops online.
  • Retail eCommerce sales may reach $5 trillion by 2021.


The eCommerce sector is expected to break the net accounting for double-digit growth in all locations around the world. Of course, the highest emergency market growth rates are in the Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions.

Source: Medium

Market size of e-commerce industry across India

Owing to the increasing internet user base and favorable market conditions, India has a lot of potential in the e-commerce industry. Growing at an exponential rate, the market value of the e-commerce industry in India was approximately 50 billion U.S dollars in 2018. This number was estimated to reach 200 billion U.S. dollars by 2027.

2014 - 14 Billion Dollar
2015 - 20 Billion Dollar
2020 - 64 Billion Dollar
2025 - 188 Billion Dollar

Why to Sell products Online

Huge Market Area​

Local Business will target local customer. But eCommerce Business targets Global Clients. eCommerce Business Module gives a big advantage to establish a business Globally. Setting up an eCommerce store is easy as compared to the traditional style of stores

Global Customer Base​​

Customers all over the world are searching for products as per their requirement online. Having products online will give a better advantage to fulfil the customer requirement. Best way to sell online is through an eCommerce Marketplace.

Branding of products​​

Selling product locally with give your brand visibility in the local market but when you are selling products online it will give your brand better exposer in the market. Nowadays, many brands are selling their products directly online because of the same reason.

More profits

It’s simple mathematics bigger the are bigger the customer reach. Selling products online will give more customers to target. Setting business online is less costly as compared to a brick & mortar store. These will help to generate more profit because of less expense.

Why choose us as your ecommerce service provider​


As we are having years of experience in running eCommerce business which helps you in reducing the cost of setup and maintenance.


Our team of experts will handle all marketplace, customer & clients queries. So you can focus on your core business of manufacturing, wholesale or retail.

Single Point of Contact

A dedicate account manager will be assigned for the smooth transaction of eCommerce business. So, no need to connect with each marketplace separately. 

Payment Report​

With proper and accurate reports of sales & payment. You can verify payment against the sale or payments that didn’t come out of your account as planned.

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