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Why to sell local when whole world want to purchase your product

As an eCommerce service provider, we take care of all your eCommerce needs. Embrace the opportunity to grow your online sales in this technology-driven era.


As a dedicated channel sales partner, we assist manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to develop their business online globally.

Website Development

A web presence gives your company another means to connect with potential customers. A web presence demonstrates professionalism and makes it easier for you to engage with clients.

Ecommerce Services

We offer eCommerce services that allow you to sell your products on International and domestic portals likes Amazon, Lazanda, Myntra etc.

Company Registration

We help you start your dream business with all the legal requirements for company registration, GST registration, etc.

We have created and launched countless products. We are your eCommerce service provider or IT partner for digital leadership.

The eCommerce industry has grown rapidly over the last few years. As of January 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide. Over two billion people have bought goods or services online, meaning your service can be targeted to a wider audience.

The market size of e-commerce industry across India

2014 (Billion $)

2015 (Billion $)

2020 (Billion $)

2025 (Billion $)

Growth of Ecommece

The report presents statistics and trends about eCommerce since 2015 and also gives estimates of the future of eCommerce up to 2021. Cumulative data over the most recently tracked period anticipates a 276.9% increase in eCommerce sales globally.

  • E-commerce has become mainstream in people’s daily lives with profound benefits.
  • As of now, about 22% of the world shops online.
  • Retail eCommerce sales may reach $5 trillion by 2021.

The eCommerce sector is expected to break the net accounting for double-digit growth in all locations around the world. Of course, the highest emergency market growth rates are in the Asia-Pacific and Latin American regions

Source: Medium


Why to Sell products Online

In order for your store to be successful online, customer experience must capture your customer within a few seconds. Customer experience is what defines a successful online store.

Huge Market Area

Unlike local businesses, eCommerce businesses aim to serve global clients. Setting up an eCommerce store is easier than traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Global Customer Base

Every day millions of people throughout the world are searching online for products that meet their requirements. Selling goods online will give a better chance of fulfilling customers’ needs. Selling goods online through an eCommerce Marketplace is best.

Branding of Products 

Locally selling your products will provide your brand with visibility in the local market, however selling them online will give your brand a better market visibility. Today, many brands sell their products directly online because of the same reason.

More Profits

In simple terms, the larger your marketing audience is, the bigger your customer reach will be. Selling products online will provide you with more opportunities to target customers. Setting up an online business is less costly than a brick & mortar store. Lower expenses will result in more profits.

Why choose us as your ecommerce service provider​


The years of experience we have in running eCommerce businesses helps you to reduce the cost of setup and maintenance.

Single Point of Contact

To ensure smooth transactions, a dedicated account manager will be assigned. So you don’t need to connect with each marketplace separately.


Our experts will handle all questions about the marketplace, customers, and clients, so you can focus on your core business.

Research & Analytics

With accurate and timely reports, you understand your sales and brand engagement in details. You’ll observe a trend analysis which explains and identifies the causes behind the sales.


“It was a pleasure working with them and they helped us with company registration, the payment reconciliation, and also in the product listing and product photography. They promoted our product well so that our business increased by 30% after joining and is still increasing.”

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Jyoti Kumari

Co-founder, Jyoti Fashion

Navrangi eCommerce solutions handle my product listing, product photography, PPC campaign, and order processing. They are one of the best providers of eCommerce services in India.”

Robert White

Co-founder, The Book Life

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